Commercial Rehabilitation

Commercial Rehabilitation preserves the character-defining features of a building while bringing it up to a preferable manner of living. This type of construction is beneficial for many types of properties such as multi-family residences, retail buildings, and office space.

Buildings with historical or special features are great candidates for rehab construction. A rehab stabilizes the structure, accentuates the prominent features of the building, and modernizes the building to todays standards.

Red Town Management works with the client from the beginning of the project until the project is completed to their satisfaction. From planning and ensuring the proper permits are in place to making creative suggestions, the Red Town Management team guides the property owner through the process.

Pitt Street Brewing Company

“Formerly the Coca-Cola Building,¬†630 Pitt Street¬†was a complete rehab. We worked with the owners from inception to completion; Design, Construction, Maintenance. The building is absolutely stellar by itself and to have the opportunity to create a great business that truly complements the building was a great experience for all of us. From the exposed roof […]

Features of the project and the Red Town Management Difference

  • - Complete Commercial Rehab

  • - Complex HVAC Ductwork

  • - Thermal Efficient

  • - Innovative Redesign

  • - Custom Hanging Tap System

  • - Walnut Benches and Tables

  • - Dry wells as added protection as area is prone to flooding

  • - Exposed systems-HVAC, Electrical, steam, glycol, air

  • - Exposed roof framing with insulation placed on roof deck

  • - Extensive structural repairs on the roof and truss system

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