“Formerly the Coca-Cola Building, 630 Pitt Street was a complete rehab. We worked with the owners from inception to completion;
Design, Construction, Maintenance.

The building is absolutely stellar by itself and to have the opportunity to create a great business that truly complements the building was a great experience for all of us.

From the exposed roof framing and trusses to the exposed brick walls the building has permanence and a placeness rarely found in today’s architecture.

The inside is 26′ to the bottom of roof deck and we have a 12′ ceiling fan.
The systems of the building were left exposed and raw; HVAC, Air, Steam, Glycol, Electrical, Grain. The glycol and airlines are thermally fused pipe(this is very cool). The scale of the HVAC ductwork and the routing of the pipe create a very dynamic environment.

We left the front facade and created a porch area by constructing a new entry wall of glass and garage doors 16′ inside the existing footprint.
We created a second-floor meeting space inside the timber trusses that overlooks the brewery. A very cool space.

We built a timber bridge that connects the second-floor storage space to the grain mill. This allows the brewers to mill grain on the upper level, where it’s stored; The grain falls into a bin and is augered up to the mash pot.
We built the side benches from black walnut and the backs are upholstered. They look outstanding and are comfortable.

The garage doors are commercial doors with insulated glass and insulated panels in them. They really open up the space and are thermally efficient.
The list just goes on and on. What a great project.”

  • - Complete Commercial Rehab

  • - Complex HVAC Ductwork

  • - Thermal Efficient

  • - Innovative Redesign

  • - Custom Hanging Tap System

  • - Walnut Benches and Tables

  • - Dry wells as added protection as area is prone to flooding

  • - Exposed systems-HVAC, Electrical, steam, glycol, air

  • - Exposed roof framing with insulation placed on roof deck

  • - Extensive structural repairs on the roof and truss system