“Complete sanctuary up-fit and re-design. We worked with the church, via several surveys to identify the needs/wants per the entire congregation. The congregation wished to update the sanctuary. The main goals were to improve acoustics and to introduce electronics (recording devices, sound control, video, etc) into the sanctuary without them becoming the focal point. Also, to renovate in a timeless fashion, to improve air circulation, and to improve lighting.

We removed the pews to be refinished and reupholstered. We removed the carpeting, refinished the wood floors, and re-carpeted the aisles. The wood floors under the pews are our secondary hard surface. We removed the sheetrock ceiling over tile ceiling and installed T&G fir bead-board, fir crown molding, and tray ceiling. The wood ceiling, crown, and tray are our primary hard surfaces. We added T&G inlay crosses to accentuate the ceiling along with new LED lighting. The choir loft was redesigned to increase seating and to reverse the organ location. The choir balustrade is constructed of an alternating pattern of oak and walnut, 1 x 2. The original steel baptismal was refinished. New lighting, inline hot water heater, and ladder were installed. The HVAC return air ducts were relocated for centrality. They were in the tray for efficiency, and custom fir grills were installed for aesthetics. The organ speakers were located to project sound to the congregation, and custom fir grills were installed for aesthetics. We relocated the HVAC ductwork in the back of the sanctuary. By doing this we were able to add a church library with custom oak shelving and two window seats. A custom cabinet was added in the library to display communion ware with a pull-out prep table for communion preparation. The sanctuary received new fiberglass doors, and re-used the original stained glass from the old doors. We sealed it with-in new insulated glass units and they were installed in the new doors. The original stained glass windows were restored. We added 1/2″ insulated glass panels on the exterior for energy conservation. The original window sashes were left operational for cleaning purposes.”

  • - Refinished Original Features

  • - Restored Historic Charm

  • - Energy Efficient