New Residential

From traditional to modern design, we build your home the way you want. Building your dream home can be a reality with custom floor plans and layouts. When building a new home, there is no need to think about renovating your home, your custom built home will be completely catered to your wants and needs. Not only is it fully customized, but our process involves using energy efficient practices to help you save on energy-related costs. New builds also provide you with a higher level of comfort and indoor air quality older homes often lack.

New Commercial

From minor improvements to major ground-up projects, Red Town Management has experience throughout the entire new commercial process.

RTM puts an emphasis on upholding building standards and complying with laws and regulations. By choosing RTM for your contracting services, you are guaranteed the highest quality of performance in a timely manner. We will not only exceed expectations but provide you with superior service within your budget and schedule.


Multi-Family Unit

As cities continue to grow, there will continue to be a greater push for multifamily housing. From high-rise apartment complexes to student living, RTM can provide business with superior contracting services.

Multi-Family Units consist of innovative ways to compress housing into convenient and conservative spaces. Our contracting services encompass ingenious design and implementation processes. We strive to implement cost-saving techniques while upholding the highest level of service and quality.

Residential Rehab

When undergoing renovations to your home, you want to find a qualified contractor you can trust. When you choose RTM, we will be with you through every step of the way, ensuring your home is treated as if it were our own.

Our Residential Rehab services encompass custom add-ons, innovative restorations and designs, and all renovation elements. For all renovation projects involving expansions, RTM offers a certified and warranted service. We take pride in providing outstanding work and service, ensuring your renovation will withstand the elements for years to come.

Commercial Upfit

One of the fastest ways to upgrade your building, Commercial Upfit entails changes based on building codes, safety measures, or aesthetics to accommodate specific needs.

Commercial Upfit involves designing and updating a space to provide a new and luxurious feel. Exterior, as well as interior changes, can be added. We will provide you with a new and custom look that caters to all your needs.

With RTM, you will be assured your commercial upfit will be completed in a timely and professional manner. Transform your office or retail space into a one-of-a-kind state of the art building that will wow your employees and customers.


Commercial Rehabilitation

Commercial Rehab preserves the character-defining features of a building while bringing it up to a preferable manner of living. This type of construction is beneficial for many types of properties such as multi-family residences, retail buildings, and office space.

Buildings with historical or special features are great candidates for rehab construction. A rehab stabilizes the structure, accentuates the prominent features of the building, and modernizes the building to today’s standards.


Red Town Management works with the client from the beginning of the project until the project is completed to their satisfaction. From planning and ensuring the proper permits are in place to making creative suggestions, the RTM team guides the property owner through the process.