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Chris and Jennifer Grubbs own and operate Red Town Management, LLC. They are licensed in North Carolina and hold an unlimited license. Chris has been in the architectural and building industry in some form or fashion since 1994.

Raised in Eastern North Carolina, Chris Grubbs has an acute appreciation for the history and people of the area, both economically and environmentally. Amid the small towns, churches, ballfields, and farmland, Chris lived, worked, played, and learned many lessons growing up from the great people around him. Lessons on how to treat other people from church, how to treat employees from work on the farms, and lessons on life from his parents, family, and friends. He attributes his success to the people who supported him throughout his journey. 

Chris returned to the area after receiving his BA in Architecture from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Working as an intern Architect with Earl Applegate in New Bern, NC provided his first opportunity to be an integral part of many types of building projects; historical, military, service, office. Upon finishing his third year of internship, Chris launched his first business; CA Grubbs, LLC as a design/build company. The work was primarily a residential based workload for several years however, the opportunity arose to work with a historical church renovation which became a catalyst for many historical and church-based projects. 

Chris closed the business down after ten years and relocated to Charlotte to become a project manager with a multi-disciplined contractor. The time in Charlotte was filled with multi-family projects, restaurant projects, and retail up-fits. After three years with WDL, Chris resigned and moved to Charleston, SC where he nourished his passion for the renovation of historical buildings. 

After two years in Charleston, Chris began working with Rehab Builders as a superintendent. Rehab Builders provided many great opportunities to learn the construction business, build multi-million dollar projects, work on historical projects, work with historic tax credits, and gain experience in many different states. Chris spent 10 years with Rehab Builders serving them as superintendent, general superintendent, and as project manager. 

In 2008 Chris married Jennifer, where they relocated to Chris’s hometown of Deep Run to renovate a 1923 bungalow. “Our goal when we married was to open a construction business that we both would own and operate.” In 2015, Chris gave notice to Rehab Builders and the business became reality with the creation of Red Town Management, LLC.

During this time, Chris had met the Glenn family of Greenville, NC. They began to work through the details of renovating 630 Pitt Street, the site of the first Coca-Cola bottling company in Greenville. They began the project with 29,000 sq.ft. of space and a leaking roof. Work commenced on the building in March of 2016: addressing structural repairs and the damaged roof. By the end of the project, they were able to successfully secure tenants for the commercial spaces at Pitt Street, and complete construction of the lofts at 632 Pitt St. This served as a great first start for the business and establishing RTM as a leader in commercial rehab services throughout Eastern NC. 

“As you can tell it is a busy time. Jennifer and I are so excited about life. Red Town Management has been well received and all the opportunities that have come forth are humbling. Our health is well, our families are doing well, our home is good, and our walk with the Lord is growing. We are very blessed.”

A passion for constructing awesome buildings with great spaces for people to live, work, and play.

  • Sense of Place - A Joy to Inhabit
  • Timelessness - To Age Well
  • Quality - Detailed with Craftmanship
  • Permanence - To Belong
  • Ethical - True in Every Sense